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When i have no words…

Your word says that if we draw close to You, You will draw close to us….

But Lord, how do we do this when we are drawn in so many different directions by our many roles as moms, wifes,daughters,sisters and friends.
Lord, i may as well be honest to You, for You know my heart anyway:most days i only have the " crumbs and scaps" of my day left to give You.
I dont want to…..but that is what i have.
Untill You can please open this " red sea" of my many responsibilities in front of me, i ask that You take my scraps, take my "five loafs and my two fish" and multiply it none the less. I pray that You will indeed show Yourselve strong in my weakness.
I pray that You grant me a willing spirit to sustain me and that You restore joy to my soul.
Your word says to come to You when we are weary…..it asks for nothing more( not even for my scraps and leftovers)…… You just ask one thing: and that is THAT I COME, just as i am, just where i find myself.
So i come to You Lord, when i have five minutes in the shower. I come to You when i have a wee on the loo. I come to You when i brush my teeth…..i have nothing to give. I dont have strenght to even talk. So i come at these " small stolen and weird moments"
I just incline my heart and soul to You and whisper:" Jesus"…
Its no lofty prayer, i know….but i know Your name is lofty and high!
Your word says that at the mention of Your name every knee and situation will have to bow. I know that by no other name salvation can be found. I know that no one can come to the Father but through Your name.
I know that whoever trusts in Your name will not be put to shame.
So i come…at these awkward stolen moments and i just whisper Your name.
I dont ask any thing. I dont state my case. Because i know that Your name alone will , make my situation bow and will save it. I know Your name alone will bring me and my troubled heart before the Father. Your name promises me that i wont stand in shame for too long.
Speak to me in these awkward stolen moments i pray…..for i, Your servant is listening…….

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