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Speed Kills

I was walking around greyville for exercise this morning. Today there was a group of about 150 or more young men from the police force jogging together. As I was briskly walking they came charging past me and within ten minutes I could already see them going around the next bend far in the distance.It normally takes me an hour to briskly walk around the course twice. I found myselve thinking;

” if I didnt have so much problems with my joints, I could too jog around instead of walking. It will afford me a bit more time in my day to do something else before I have to pick up tim from school”

But as I continued to walk and talk to God I realised something.

Yes, I could jog.

The benefits would be getting a bit fitter,perhaps burning a few more kilojoules and having more free time. But jogging is quite stressfull, trying to “push” yourselve and it is in the long run( forgive the pun), something that one cannot continue for long as it causes wear and tear on your joints.

Walking affords me time to enjoy the vast outstretched greeness of the golfcourse around me. It allows me to watch the birds swoop up and down on the golfcourse, to see the trees sway in the wind, watch the dogs gallop with floppy ears and pink tongues hanging out. From time to time I pat a few of their heads and look into their gentle eyes.

I exchange smiles and friendly words to their owners. I get to close my eyes every now and then and truly drink in with my senses,the feel of the warm sun on my bare shoulders and the gentle breeze of the wind through my hair.

I get to shuffles and sort my thought life and I get to talk AND listen to God.

With this new perspective,it then got me thinking about the rat race in life in general.

How aften do we envy or measure and compare ourselves against those “talented runners” around us, that seemingly seem to get there faster, achieve more and have the “’cheer of the crowds” at their dispossal.

In the end, the jogger and the walker still get to the finish line…….

The jogger get there faster and in the end cannot maintain this lifestyle of jogging due to wear and tear.

But the walker, still get to the finish line, mannages to maintain this “lyfestyle” for much longer and in the process gained the benefit of not having”missed “ what life has to offer, due to frenzied rushing ahead.

Perhaps there is more to the saying:” SPEED KILLS”

Running or “speeding” through life does indeed killl the true hidden joys that can only be enjoyed when one linger long enough to observe and savor them.

I think I will stop admiring and comparing myselve to the seemingly great achievers in this world.

They have there shortlived moments of glory.

I have mine…….

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