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Since I started working full time, so much has come our way to try the values and lifestyle we have chosen. (I am sure not more than any other people as we are all in the same boat). A range of unfortunate events to try and “take me out” as the main bread-winner, has occurred (not because I am “oh-so-important”, but take me out and the rest of our family falls apart, so it is a means to an end for the enemy)

Anyway. I know that in the end times Jesus and the word of God states that things will be so tough that peole will faint in fear and that the righteous will also be subject to it as a means to purify us. Jesus said that in these times the believers will have to walk by faith and not sight and if we shrink back, He will not be pleased with us. So I always keep all of this in mind.

The other day my devotion was on prayer and it used the verse in Luke 21:36 “be on the watch and pray that you will be able to escape all that is about to happen and that you will be able to stand before the Son of God”. In light of what I have just shared above I thought: “mmmm… I want to go and read the whole passage”. I could not find my Bible and grabbed the King James Bible (the one that uses the thee’s and thou’s!!!). The passage speaks about the end times and how by the signs in the sky we determine what season it is and how when we see certain signs that we will know the end is near. What caught my eye was this VERY INTERESTING verse: “in thy patience, possess they soul” (Luke 21:19).

Time was running out and I had to get ready for work, so I shot up a quick prayer to God saying: ”Lord show me what this means”.

Nothing really happened for the next few days. But I do pray at night that God would speak to us in dreams and visions. His Word says that “even in their sleep, the Lord instructs the righteous”. So I reckon that most days are so busy and taxing and ashamedly I don’t have time to hear God, so if he CAN INDEED talk to me while I sleep, well, then bring it on!!!

Well. I forgot about my request about the verse. A few days later, I dreamt the following:

Me and my household were surrounded by an Egyptian army. The leader of the army was that character in the movie The Mummy and every time he opened his mouth, a swarm of plagues would depart from his mouth. I remember turning to a close friend of mine, John, and saying to him: ”how are we supposed to handle this!!!” My words were not even cold when a voice from no-where spoke up and said: “feed him peeled pine apple”

I thought it weird but obeyed.

I peeled and chopped the pineapple and as the “mummy-guy” opened his mouth to release another swarm of plagues, I threw the whole pile of peeled pineapple in his enormous mouth. He suddenly disintergrated and his army became all confused and disorientated.

That was my dream!!

I told my dream to a few close friends in order to get their input. For me the dream was quite straight forward. The confusing (or shall I say amusing) thing was: what did the pineapple symbolise?

I wresteled with it and then I thought.
I know God’s word said that the New testament believers will overcome not by might, but by His Spirit.
So the pineapple must have to do with The Spirit.
That led me to think: A pineapple is a fruit, so perhaps it has to do with the FRUITS of the Spirit.
But there are 9 fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfullness and self-control.
If the dream was talking about these fruits, the voice in the dream would have said: “feed him FRUIT (plural – not a fruit)”
But it said: “feed him pineapple”
So it was specific to ONE FRUIT and secondly not just pineapple, but PEELED pineapple.

That got me thinking.
What makes pine apple different from other fruits?
It is prickly and thorny.
It causes great frustration if bought with other groceries as it tears the plastic packets or pierces through your milk sachets.
It can only be eaten once peeled.
But it can not be peeled quickly with your bare hands like a banana, orange, etc.
It has to have a sharp instrument in order to peel it.
And o my gosh!! Does it take time to get out all those hairy-thorny parts out, and once finished it leaves a great mess to clean up.

So what is it about a pineapple that makes it different, makes it unique?


In light of the character traits I just mentioned, one needs patience to eat a pineapple!!
So I guess a pineapple (for me) represented the fruit of the Spirit PATIENCE.

Just as I nailed the meaning of the pineapple, the verse popped up: “In your PATIENCE, Possess your soul”


But it did not end there.

I went to my Bible to see what that verse is translated to in my normal NIV version and it says this: “By standing firm, you will gain life”

Mmmm… So it means that we must stand firm when attacked I thought, and left it at that.

The next day I open my devotional and to my astonishment the following awaits me:
Exodus 14:13-14 “Do not be afraid. Stand FIRM, and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring today. THE EGYPTIANS you see today you will never see again. The Lord will fight for you, you need ONLY BE STILL”

Suddenly all the puzzle pieces fell into place!!!

So now when things at home (but ESPECIALLY at work) want to drive me up the wall, I remember: “Stand firm, in patience possess your soul” …… so I take a deep breath, I compose myself and ……………. I feed the situation some pineapple!!!!!

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Because of Easter

Because of Easter,
on the occasions when I have said something out of place or done something not so becoming of a daughter of The Light , when satan whispers in my ear:” now you have messed up, there is nothing you can do to take it back, it is done”, that my Saviours’ words echoes loud and clear from the cross, : “IT IS DONE!…………. nullifying my accusers guilt laden attempts …………

Because of Easter,
when I stand in church battling to raise my hands in praise cause they feel dirty after a week of failed attempts to walk in holiness, my Saviour grabs hold of my hands, places it on the bloody, spear-gaping wound on His side, then kisses my hands and says :” NOW, worship Me My child!!”

Because of Easter,
I dont need to pray through buddah, a monkey, an elephant, mother Mary or a saint, who all are dead or have died. But I pray through my Saviour Jesus, who did indeed die, but then rose again.!! I pray to a Living God. The other god’s are dead and bears no promise. My Saviour is ALIVE!!. He has gone to prepare a place for me and is coming back for Me!!

Because of Easter,
I too walk and live among my unbelieving peers, I too, just like them have the same scorching sun rising over me, the same suffering, hardships, pain and loneliness bombarding me. But I stand tall and bear my cross bravely like my Saviour, for I have the Easter message always with me in my heart and my answer to the question of suffering is: ”What really would have been a true tragedy and uncomprehensible sadness, would be if our God left us like this…………. left us to self destruct. He had and has no obligation to us. Yet His love has prepared for us a marvellous inheritance……….

Because of Easter,
I am sealed and guided by the gift of The Holy Spirit. I no longer need to stumble in the darkness, believe the accusers lies, be hampered by any bondage. I no longer have to proof my worth or try and live up to others standards because in the presence of my Saviour the banner that is always before me reads:” You are ACCEPTED”. I dont have to feel scared as I see the end times play it self out as prophysied, for my Saviour promised He is with me to THE END OF TIME. When I see the god of this world rising up, having his finger in evry pie concerning my children, my Savior says:” greater is He that is in me”

Because of Easter
I have moved

from prison to palace,
from darkness to light,
from fear to love,
from useless to worthy
from broken to whole
from slave to possesser of my own soul………….

Because of Easter,

Holy Holy Holy is Thy Name!!!!
Thank you God

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My husband wrote a blog recently that centred on an advert that Red Bull aired in South Africa a few weeks ago. He entitled the post “What would Jesus say to the Red Bull team” (click here to read it) which drew both support and criticism. He also tracked other discussions taking place and responded to a few of them, even reading a few comments to me. Needles to say, even though I support my husband’s view, I had some thoughts of my own brewing in me for a while. This is the end result of those thoughts.

I am my husband’s greatest critic……so even though this may look like I am just being the supportive wife, I am not. I am merely plotting down the things that were impressed on my heart when I prayerfully pondered all that was discussed both on his blog, the comments left, and comments made elsewhere.

As a new, ‘on fire’ Christian, years back I would have fully supported the various strong Christian positions aired by so many. But I have come to realise that God Almighty does not need to be defended. He is big enough and strong enough and almighty enough to defend Himself, should He choose to. Nowhere (that I can recall) are we commanded to defend His name or His character from the blasphemous.

Jesus Himself did not defend Himself before His crucifixtion even though He was given a hearing in front of the Sanhedrin. When Peter cut off the ear of the soldier in a brave act to protect Jesus, Jesus told Peter explicitly: ”Do you think I cannot call upon My Father and He will at once put to My disposal a legion of angles (Matthew 26:53). Prior to that when Jesus informed them that He will be captured and put to death, Peter too jumped to Jesus’ defence and said: ”surely Lord, this will not be allowed to happen” and Jesus replied : “get behind me satan, for you have not the things of God in mind, but the things of men” (Matthew 16:23).

Prior to that, two of Jesus’s disciples, James and John, also wanted to silence the blasphemous crowd who did not acknowledge Jesus, and asked if they should call forth fire from Heaven to destroy them and Jesus replied: ”You do not know of what manner of spirit you are of, for the Son of man did not come to destroy men’s lives but to save them” (Luke 9:54 NKJV)

When the crowds and His disciples got irritated with His patience and compassion towards the sinners, He told them: ”that it is not the healthy that needs a doctor but the sick”.

He therefor taught the sinners, but never lost His cool with them. When the Pharasees wanted to stone the prostitute, He told them that those who are wthout sin should cast the 1st stone. He never condoned what the sinners were doing, but He also never condemned them.

He did however ‘loose His cool’ on various occasions, calling His hearers vipers. But it was towards those who were trained in the ways of God. When He lost His temper and threw around furniture and shouted that His house should be called a house of prayer, It was once again against those ‘who should have known better’. If there is holy anger and correction that needs to take place, it is inside our church walls, our Christain circles and our own house holds, cause we know the truth……..and we have the Spirit of Truth……this is the place where we should be getting ‘hot under the collar’.

And yes, we should feel saddened at an advert like Red Bull as discussed here, and we should not sit in the seat of mockers\. But mor importantly we should be praying like Jesus: ”forgive them Lord for they know not what they are doing”.

We will do well to remember that God’s word said that we should not judge or take revenge but leave that for Him to do. We will do well to remember that it is The Lord who builds His church and it is The Lord who humbles the proud . It is not for us to “bring them down a few notches”.

We will do well to remember that Jesus said to pray for our enemies and to turn the other cheeck, not to oppose and challenge them. We will do well to remember that when Jesus asked who do the disciples think He is, He dismissed and ignored their reply of what “the crowd” thought and asked “but who do YOU think I am”.

The ten commandments states YOU should not take the name of the Lord in vain. It does not say:” make sure your neighbour, friend or the business round the corner, does not take My name in vain”. One day when He returns, every INDIVIDUAL will have to give account for every careless word spoken, and that includes every member of that Red Bull team advert!!

We will do well to remember that Jesus said that we call Him Lord Lord, but do not His will.

In other words we can Honor His name as much as we want (Lord Lord!!) but are we doing His will………….for He said “this is how the world will know that you are My disciples, if you love one another”. 1 Corinthians 13 states that even if we possess all the traits of God’s kingdom (ie do and say all the right things) but we have no love…………..we are just empty noisy cymbals……………

Jesus came to walk among us on the earth as a human……….yet without sin…………..

Yes, the Red Bull advert is offensive.
Yes, it is blasphemous to those who are believers.
Yes, no one said we should laugh with them.
Yes, we are comanded not to sit in the seat of mockers; but so too can we walk among them, just without sin.

When opportunities like these present themselves, I rejoice, because Satan is exposed like this. Without opportunities like these I would not have had the need to pray (for the enemy) and ask that God forgive them for they know not what they do. Who knows, without that advert, no one would have thought of praying for the team who compiled it. Perhaps no one has prayed for them before, but NOW …….., all of the world’s Christians’ attention has been averted to them……….if all of us were all praying instead of working on our well compiled arguments………I wonder what wonderfull suprise would be awaiting us ……….and them………they may just find out that it is indeed not Red Bull that gives them wings…………

What would happen if we did indeed DO what our Lord said, and use the opportunity to pray for our enemies…….

For we are commanded to pray for our enemies as much as we are to have an answer ready to give to those who ask about the hope that we have in Christ. So have your statements/defenses ready…….so that when God has done His work in those unbelievers’ hearts (due to you praying for them now that they have been exposed) that the seeds of truth you present to them will fall on fertile ground and multiply…………….anything apart from that will not be received, and will definately not conceive…………for the enemy will choke it and steal it and nothing will be gained apart from their hearts being hardened even more like Pharoah’s heart.

And as I am ending off I am already asking God for forgiveness. For I realise how much I am failing in this very area in so many ways…………so help me God!!

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