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You Promised You Will !!!

Prayer is nothing else than taking God’s promises to Him and saying:
“do as You have said”

As a new Christain, I loved this definition of prayer, cause I loved the promises in God’s Word and I love prayer!!

My 1st uncertainty came when I just had my miscarriage and Tim was very sick. I went and wrote every single promise on healing down from the Old and New Testament and stood on it, reminding God (and myself) of His promises and shouting it out to everything and everyone else that was not of God too.

Tim was not healed and got admitted for pneumonia and had to have painfull drips etc.

I was very disappointed, my faith shaken, but not destroyed.
I felt like Peter, when Jesus asked him; ”are you too leaving Me now?” and Peter answered: ”where would we go, Lord. You have the words of life” (John 6:68).

As I sought God’s face, He showed me a verse where Jesus told the Pharasees; ”you dilligently study the Scriptures, because by it you think you have life” (John 5:39). And although in context He was refering to the fact that following “the letter” is not what brings them salvation but His sacrifice would accomplish that, for me, at that moment, I knew God was saying to me: ”do you put your trust in the written Word or The Author of the Word? Do you put your trust in the weapons of warfare, or The Creator of the weapons?”

I knew without a doubt that He was showing me that I worshipped His power instead of Him. I still came to Him in times of need seeking only His hand and not His Face.
When a child comes running to you,when he falls and scrapes his knee open, what do you do? You pick him up, hold him close, whisper words of comfort in his ears and LOVE him………………..THEN you attend to his need for a hurting knee……perhaps this is the same with God? Perhaps His love and comfort precede the healing we seek?

It has been two years now and I often ponder about this revelation and God has shown me many different little facets of this same “lesson” (I wrote and shared my “lesson” on: I WILL NOT SHARE MY GLORY WITH ANOTHER).

Just last week God revealed to me yet another facet of this.

I was getting Timothy ready for school and it being my day off work, he made his “demands” on how we would spend the afternoon together when I pick him up from school.
I agreed and committed to one of his requests.

Later as we were driving to school, he reminded me: ”remember mom, you PROMISED you will take me to the toy shop to buy a sword with my pocket money.”

YOU PROMISED !!” he repeated in an elevated and accusatory tone, “and you are not allowed to break your promise.

At that moment I felt irritation rise up in me. “Tim” I said, trying to find words that I can use to reason with a five year old, “I did promise, yes. But I dont appreciate the way you are shouting at me right now. Has mommy ever promised you something and not done it?
“no, mommy”
“So why do you have to remind me as if you are expecting me to break my promise?
I said I will, and I will, so stop worrying about it, ok?”
“Yes mommy. Sorry for shouting mommy”

As I drove back, it dawned on me:
is it perhaps possible, that that is how we treat God?

We “remind” Him of His promises and then say:” now do as You have said”
Does He not too get a bit offended by it?
Does He not too answer us the same way as I did Tim?

Look at David.

He never “reminded” God directly about God’s promises. He rather proclaimed it when He said:
”Lord Your love and faithfulness reaches to the skies!”
“Lord we thank you for your goodness”
“Lord, You never forsake the rigteous and those who put their hope in you are never put to shame”
If there was any REMINDING done, it was to remind HIMSELF (David) or to inform his readers.

I suddenly see God’s promises in a far different light………….
I proclaim it yes!!………….for my own building of faith.
I claim it as a builder of my expectant hope.
But I surely think twice now before I take it in prayer to God, making sure I thank Him for it and not DEMAND it.

For just like with Tim, there is no need to demand it or remind God of it.

When we need to wait, it may very well be like with Daniel, where he prayed for 21 days when an angel appeared to him and said, ”since the moment you humbled yourself in prayer before God, your words were heard and I was sent in response to it, but I was held up….” (Daniel 10:12).

Sometimes Tim asks me to do something when I am in the middle of something and I will answer immediately: “Ok, Tim, i’ll be there now!!” Literally 5 seconds later he will shout impatiently: “Mom!! You said you are coming!! I am waiting!!

My answer?
I heard you and I am on my way, Tim, but I need to finish with the task I am busy with, please be patient, I will come just now. I cannot just drop everything everytime you ask me something”……

Thank You Lord that Your promises do indeed stand forever.
Thank You that your faithfulness reaches to the skies.
Thank You Lord that You do hear our prayers and asnswer them in three ways according to Your wisdom and love for us :


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